Employee Education

The “Bitter Pill”

The Bitter Pill

ESPinc offers a very informative presentation to employee groups called the “Bitter Pill”. This presentation focuses on why health care costs so much, who is to blame, who is really paying for it, how it effects payroll and what the employee can do about it. The presentation takes an hour and is free to our clients. It is also available to potential clients for a small fee.

Here is what our clients are saying about this very informative presentation:

“The presentation of the “Bitter Pill” by Bob Shupe to my client Foam Products, Corp. has increased my ability to communicate with the employees the importance of their participation in helping to keep health care costs down. This presentation opened their eyes to the expense faced by their employer in providing health insurance. One supervisor told me after the meeting that she had never thought about questioning her doctor about the prescriptions she was given and would now ask for generics or an over the counter drug. I highly recommend Bob’s presentation. It is not only informative and professional but Bob’s ability to salt the presentation with humor makes the “Bitter Pill” a little easier to swallow.”
Steve Harper, President
Benefit Plans Administrators, Inc.
Chattanooga, TN

“I really appreciate your presentation of the “Bitter Pill” program to all of our employees. As you could tell by the attention they gave to you, you certainly got and kept their attention. The message of why insurance and health care costs are as high as they are, especially the part about ourselves being a big part of the problem, were very timely, particularly now as we have made the changes in our prescription drug program. Again I thank you for this very informative and helpful part of the service you provide for us.”
Jim Allison, General Manager
Duck River Electric Membership Corporation
Shelbyville, TN

“An eye opening presentation, putting the insurance dilemma in every day terms, enabling everyone to understand the complexity of the situation.”
Larry Chilton, President
Clark Container, Inc
Lyles, TN